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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Career Evolution in 1985: From Action Star to Political Star

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a name that is synonymous with action films and bodybuilding. In 1985, Schwarzenegger’s career was at a pivotal point where he made the transition from being a well-known action star to a political figure. This evolution was not an easy one, but it was a testament to Schwarzenegger’s determination and drive to excel in everything he does.

Arnold Schwarzenegger first rose to fame in the bodybuilding world, where he won the Mr. Olympia title seven times. His success in bodybuilding opened the door for him to transition into acting, where he quickly became a household name in action films. His roles in films like “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Terminator” solidified his status as a Hollywood star.

In 1985, Schwarzenegger starred in the action film “Commando,” which was a box office success. The film showcased Schwarzenegger’s tough-guy persona and solidified his status as an action star. However, it was also in 1985 that Schwarzenegger began to explore a new avenue for his career – politics.

That same year, Schwarzenegger became a United States citizen, a move that many saw as the first step towards a potential political career. Schwarzenegger’s interest in politics was not new, as he had been involved in various political campaigns and initiatives throughout the years. In 1985, he made his first foray into politics by advocating for physical education in public schools and championing environmental causes.

In addition to his work in politics, Schwarzenegger continued to pursue his acting career in 1985. He starred in the film “Red Sonja” and also made a cameo appearance in the film “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” Despite his growing interest in politics, Schwarzenegger’s popularity as an action star remained strong, and he continued to star in successful films throughout the 1980s.

In 1985, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career evolution was in full swing, with the actor making significant strides in both the entertainment industry and the world of politics. His ability to balance these two worlds and excel in them demonstrated his versatility and dedication to his craft.


Q: Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger decide to pursue a career in politics?
A: Arnold Schwarzenegger had always been interested in politics and saw it as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. He believed that his celebrity status could be used to bring attention to important issues and advocate for change.

Q: Did Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition into politics impact his acting career?
A: Initially, Schwarzenegger’s transition into politics did not have a significant impact on his acting career. He continued to star in successful films throughout the 1980s and 1990s. However, his focus on politics did eventually lead to a decrease in the number of films he appeared in, as he devoted more time to his political duties.

Q: What was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic role in 1985?
A: In 1985, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic role was arguably his portrayal of John Matrix in the action film “Commando.” The film was a box office success and showcased Schwarzenegger’s tough-guy persona.

Q: How did Arnold Schwarzenegger’s background in bodybuilding influence his acting career?
A: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s background in bodybuilding played a significant role in shaping his acting career. His impressive physique and physical presence made him a natural fit for action roles, and he became known for his iconic performances in films like “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Terminator.”

In conclusion, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career evolution in 1985 was a pivotal moment in his life, as he successfully made the transition from being a popular action star to a respected political figure. His ability to excel in both entertainment and politics demonstrated his versatility and determination to succeed in everything he pursued. Schwarzenegger’s impact on both industries was undeniable, and his legacy continues to inspire aspiring actors and politicians to this day.

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