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Arnold Schwarzenegger love child

On October 2, 1997, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s youngest son took birth in Los Angeles, California, at the time no one, including Joseph’s parent, knew that the child belongs to Arnold. Thus he’s known as “the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child” of the icon due to his sexual involvement with one of the Schwarzenegger maid named Mildred Baena. The terminator star never knew that the maid’s son is from him until Joseph was 7; the resemblance between the two was apparent. The revelation of this truth even ended Arnold’s married life with Maria Shriver. They got departed, Maria filed a divorce case against the actor upon knowing about the star’s extramarital affair with the employee and an illegitimate son. The situation became nonetheless resolved, even though Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to sort his differences with his wife and apologized to her. Still, she never considered his apology, so the case continued.

Joseph Baena mother

Mildred Patricia Baena is a “5 feet 2 inches” Guatemalan lady born in the United States of America in 1961. She became a house worker for the family of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later in 2011, she disclosed a secret to the actor’s wife, Maria Shriver, and told her that Arnold was her son’s Joseph father during his Christening. The truth became a turning point for the couple’s married life as Maria confronted Arnold. Arnold revealed that he had an extramarital affair with the maid, and he didn’t know that Joseph was his son until he was 7 to 8 years old, and the resemblance between the two became obvious. Upon identifying the whole truth, Maria filed a divorce case against Arnold, and later the two got separated when she left their home.

Arnold Schwarzenegger son Joseph Baena

The former Governor took the child Joseph’s financial responsibility, since the time he had known the truth, and helped his son obtaining smart education. Joseph graduated from Pepper dine University, Malibu, and he was the freshmen honor of Student Philanthropist. Arnold even gifted his son Joseph a beautiful four-room home in California. Like any other Schwarzenegger, Baena turned out lucky with love as he met his Life’s Love in college and has been dating her to date.

Joseph Baena bodybuilding

Like any other Hollywood star’s children, Baena follows his father’s footsteps. Still, he chose bodybuilding rather than acting; he even participated in several bodybuilding competitions and dreams of conquering the world of fitness. His love for fitness is evident through the way Baena celebrated his 22nd birthday with a wild Gym theme, which was attended by his friends and girlfriend. The athlete has incredibly strong biceps and a perfect muscular physique. He even imitated several highly celebrated 7-times adult male Olympia poses and gained immense attention from the internet when he recreated a famous shot from 1975. His arms arched, and his legs bent.

He already had a facial likeness to his father; however, thanks to his interest in bodybuilding, he even acquired physical similarities. Recently Baena recreated a picture of his father and shared it on his Instagram handle. People were quick to notice, many comments declaring the similarities like “Arnold, no doubt” or “Like father, like son,” someone even commented, “Now you’ve started looking more like your Arnie.” The Father and son duo are often captured together while hitting the athletic facility and are often seen working out together. They’ve caught several times while cycling together. Apart from Joseph, Arnold has two other sons Patrick and Christopher. Joseph and Christopher share a week’s gap in their birth. Like Joseph, Patrick also shares an interest in fitness, but due to his simultaneous interest in cinema, he couldn’t make bodybuilding his passion.

Joseph Baena siblings

In an interview, “Patrick also workouts at the gym every day but due to his commitments in the world of cinema he couldn’t get too big as romantic roles do not require a huge body.” The Schwarzenegger siblings are a little bitter about Joseph and have never seen with him, and obviously, they wouldn’t hate Joseph as a person, but the fact that he was the reason for their parent’s separation. Katherine didn’t invite Joseph to her wedding. Still, the guy did not hesitate to wish his half-sister and commented on a photo of a newly married couple mentioning, “Congratulation” following two hearts.

How old is Arnold Schwarzenegger son Joseph Baena?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Joseph is 22 years old, and he was born of an extramarital relationship of Arnold with Patty Baena.

What kind of relationship does Arnold share with Joseph?

Arnold shares a beautiful relationship with Joseph. After learning about Joseph’s paternity, Arnold took all the financial responsibilities of joseph himself.

What is the dream of Joseph Baena?

Joseph Schwarzenegger wants to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Like his father, He is very attracted to bodybuilding. He also wants to participate in a bodybuilding competition.

Are there any other Schwarzenegger children?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, son Joseph, is not alone. He had four other kids with his wife, Maria.


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