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Arnie and Danny: A Look Back at Their Iconic On-Screen Partnership

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are two iconic actors who have graced our screens for decades with their unique talents and memorable performances. The duo first shared the screen in the classic comedy film “Twins” in 1988, and their partnership has continued to captivate audiences ever since. In this article, we will take a look back at their on-screen collaborations and explore the magic they bring to the screen.

“Twins” was a groundbreaking film that showcased Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s comedic chemistry and unexpected pairing. Schwarzenegger played the role of Julius, a genetically enhanced man who discovers he has a long-lost twin brother, Vincent, played by DeVito. The film follows the mismatched siblings as they embark on a journey to find their birth mother and discover more about their past.

The success of “Twins” led to another collaboration between the two actors in the 1994 film “Junior.” In this film, Schwarzenegger plays a scientist who undergoes a revolutionary experiment to carry a baby, with DeVito once again by his side as his eccentric colleague. Despite the unconventional premise, the film was a critical and commercial success, further solidifying the duo’s on-screen partnership.

Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s most recent collaboration was in the 2019 film “Triplets,” a long-awaited sequel to “Twins.” In this film, the duo is joined by Eddie Murphy as a third long-lost sibling, resulting in a hilarious and heartwarming reunion. Although the film has faced delays in production, fans are eagerly anticipating the return of these beloved characters to the screen.

One of the reasons why Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s on-screen partnership works so well is their contrasting personalities and physical appearances. Schwarzenegger is known for his imposing stature and action hero roles, while DeVito is known for his quirky characters and comedic timing. The juxtaposition of their characters creates a dynamic and entertaining dynamic that has resonated with audiences around the world.

In addition to their on-screen collaborations, Schwarzenegger and DeVito have also developed a close friendship off-screen. The duo has been known to attend events together, share hilarious anecdotes about their time working together, and support each other’s projects. Their genuine camaraderie and mutual respect for each other have endeared them to fans and cemented their status as one of Hollywood’s most iconic duos.

As we reflect on Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s on-screen partnership, it is clear that their collaboration has left a lasting impact on the film industry. From their groundbreaking performances in “Twins” to their most recent project “Triplets,” the duo’s chemistry and talent continue to shine through in every role they undertake. Fans can only hope for more collaborations between these two legendary actors in the future.


Q: How did Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito first meet?
A: Schwarzenegger and DeVito first met on the set of “Twins” in 1988. The duo hit it off immediately and formed a strong bond that has lasted for decades.

Q: Will there be any more collaborations between Schwarzenegger and DeVito in the future?
A: While there have been talks of a potential sequel to “Twins,” titled “Triplets,” there has been no official confirmation of any future collaborations between the two actors. Fans will have to wait and see if they will reunite on-screen once again.

Q: What is your favorite Schwarzenegger and DeVito film?
A: It’s difficult to choose just one, as each film showcases the duo’s talents in a unique and entertaining way. However, “Twins” holds a special place in many fans’ hearts as the film that first introduced us to Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s iconic on-screen partnership.

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