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A Blast from the Past: Remembering the Explosive Thrills of ‘Raw Deal’

A Blast from the Past: Remembering the Explosive Thrills of ‘Raw Deal’

In the world of action movies, few films stand out quite like the 1986 classic ‘Raw Deal’. Directed by John Irvin and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this explosive thriller follows the story of Mark Kaminsky, a disgraced former FBI agent who is given a second chance to take down a powerful mobster. Filled with intense action sequences, memorable one-liners, and Schwarzenegger’s signature charisma, ‘Raw Deal’ remains a fan favorite among action movie enthusiasts.

The film opens with Kaminsky (Schwarzenegger) being forced to resign from the FBI after a botched mission results in the death of a fellow agent. Feeling disillusioned and betrayed by the system, Kaminsky retreats to a quiet life as the sheriff of a small town. However, when his old friend and FBI colleague Harry Shannon (Darren McGavin) approaches him with an offer to go undercover and take down a notorious mob boss named Luigi Patrovita, Kaminsky jumps at the chance for redemption.

As Kaminsky infiltrates Patrovita’s organization, he quickly discovers that the mob boss is involved in a wide range of criminal activities, from drug trafficking to extortion. With the help of the beautiful and resourceful Monique (Kathryn Harrold), Kaminsky must navigate the dangerous underworld of Chicago’s criminal underworld and bring Patrovita to justice.

‘Raw Deal’ is a high-octane thrill ride from start to finish, with plenty of explosive action sequences that showcase Schwarzenegger’s physical prowess and larger-than-life presence. From shootouts in crowded nightclubs to car chases through the streets of Chicago, the film keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with its relentless pace and adrenaline-pumping set pieces.

One of the standout scenes in ‘Raw Deal’ is the climactic warehouse shootout, where Kaminsky takes on Patrovita’s henchmen in a brutal and intense showdown. Armed with his signature machine gun and a seemingly endless supply of bullets, Kaminsky unleashes a wave of destruction on his enemies, culminating in a fiery explosion that leaves viewers breathless.

But ‘Raw Deal’ is more than just mindless action and violence. The film also explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption, as Kaminsky grapples with his own demons and struggles to make amends for his past mistakes. Schwarzenegger delivers a surprisingly nuanced performance as the conflicted hero, infusing Kaminsky with a sense of vulnerability and depth that adds layers to his character.

With its slick direction, pulse-pounding score, and charismatic lead performance, ‘Raw Deal’ stands the test of time as a classic of the action genre. The film’s explosive thrills and memorable moments continue to captivate audiences decades after its release, cementing its place in the pantheon of great action movies.


Q: Is ‘Raw Deal’ based on a true story?
A: No, ‘Raw Deal’ is a work of fiction and does not directly depict any real-life events or individuals. However, the film is inspired by the classic “undercover cop takes down the mob” storyline that has been a staple of action movies for decades.

Q: Was Arnold Schwarzenegger the first choice for the lead role in ‘Raw Deal’?
A: No, Schwarzenegger was not the first choice for the role of Mark Kaminsky. The role was originally offered to Clint Eastwood, but he turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Schwarzenegger was then cast in the role and delivered a memorable performance that helped elevate the film to classic status.

Q: What was the critical reception of ‘Raw Deal’ upon its release?
A: ‘Raw Deal’ received mixed reviews from critics upon its release in 1986. While some critics praised its action sequences and Schwarzenegger’s performance, others criticized its predictable plot and lack of originality. However, the film has since gained a cult following and is now regarded as a classic of the action genre.

Q: Is ‘Raw Deal’ available to stream online?
A: Yes, ‘Raw Deal’ is available to stream on various platforms, including Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play. Fans of action movies can now enjoy the explosive thrills of ‘Raw Deal’ from the comfort of their own homes, anytime they want.

In conclusion, ‘Raw Deal’ remains a pulse-pounding thrill ride that continues to captivate audiences with its explosive action, charismatic performances, and memorable moments. Whether you’re a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, classic action movies, or just looking for a high-octane ride, ‘Raw Deal’ delivers on all fronts and is a must-watch for any enthusiast of the genre.

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